The 3 Basic Keyboard Shortcuts You Need to Use

The 3 basic keyboard shortcuts you need to use

Question: I’ve heard about keyboard shortcuts and I’ve used a few once in awhile but I always forget what they are.  Can you tell me the best ones to use?

Keyboard shortcuts can save you hours of work.  If you use a computer often, at your job or in your personal life, you need to be using shortcuts.

The goal with these shortcuts is to make them a habit. Memorize each one so you can use them without thinking. That takes some time and practice but it will be worth it.  That’s why I will only focus on three shortcuts at a time. Below are my top three and I’ll be posting more every few months.  Learn these and then you’ll be ready for more!

Read Part II for more tips!

A few notes:

  • These shortcuts are generally universal and work in almost every program.
  • If you’re on a Mac computer you’ll hit the Command key, which looks like this: ⌘, instead of the “CTRL” key.


You can save by hitting “CTRL” and the letter “S” at the same time.


You can copy anything by highlighting the text or image and then hitting “CTRL” and the letter “C” at the same time.


You can paste what you just copied by hitting “CTRL” and the letter “V” at the same time.



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