7 ways to make your Facebook experience better

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7 ways to make your Facebook experience better


I like using Facebook but there are so many annoying features. I feel like there must be a way to make this easier.


You’re right. There are several tips & tricks you can use on Facebook.  Below are seven ways to make your Facebook experience awesome.  Don’t let Facebook control you when you can control Facebook.



If you’re like me, you have a few people that post ALL the time.  It’s usually cousin so-and-so and everything they post seems slightly inappropriate.  You can still be Facebook “friends” with them but not have their posts show up when you read your news feed.  (You can still see the posts if you look them up by name and go to their page.)

How to:

In the upper right corner of a post you’ll see a down-arrow icon like this:

Hit that, then choose the “Unfollow ++++” and presto!  No more updates.

You can also accomplish this by going to the person’s page and once there deselect the “Follow” option in the bar to the right of where their name appears.



What Facebook shows you is based on a computer algorithm.  You can force the algorithm to show you what you want.  Facebook users tend to fall into two camps – they either “like” everything or never “like” anything.  Both are not great ways to manipulate the program, so adjust accordingly.

For example, if you’re conservative politically but you like everything your liberal son posts because he is your son you’ll then start seeing more liberal posts on your feed.  Facebook is trying to show you what you want to see and doesn’t factor in the fact that you like everything because it’s your son posting.

There are times (though rarely) when a friend posts something that I want to “like” to show that I either agree or am glad they posted but for whatever reason I don’t want the whole world knowing I “like” it.  So, I’ll just send a private message.  No need to go into detail, just a quick note saying, “That’s a cool article, thanks for posting!” And it definitely encourages better interaction and discussion one-on-one that way.

For more on this read: I Liked Everything I Saw on Facebook for Two Days. Here’s What It Did to Me.



Nowadays if you’re on Facebook on your computer (not on a phone) you’ll see by default “Top Stories.”  This means you’re only seeing stories that have a certain amount of activity surrounding them, so comments, likes, shares and so on.  Basically, users asked for this so Facebook delivered, but sometimes you do actually want to see everything so you can change the option to “Most Recent.”

How to:

In the left under your name and picture you’ll see an option that says, “News Feed.”  Click on the down-arrow and select the option you want. (You will always default back to “Top  Stories” so remember to change it again if you want.)


As far as I can tell, on your phone you see all of the most recent items in your feed.  It may be a slight combination of the two, but right now there’s no way way to adjust it.



Once you make, comment or have been tagged in a post you’ll then get a notification every time someone else interacts also. Sometimes that’s good, usually it’s bad.

If you go to the original post and hit the down-arrow in the right corner, you’ll seen an option to “Turn Off Notifications.”

On the flip side, there may be a post that is generating an interesting discussion but you don’t want to comment or even “like” it.  You can then go to the that same down-arrow and “Turn On Notifications.”



Do you like Real Simple Magazine?  What about the Wall Street Journal?  Starbucks? The same goes for any organizations like schools, sports teams or churches. Look them up on Facebook (in the top bar for searching) and “like” their page.  (Hit the “like” button to the right of their name.)  This guarantees you’ll start seeing great content you really want and any important updates from that business.



When you post something of your own you’ll see several options appear at the bottom of that section of the screen.  Depending on your past preferences you’ll see an option for “Friends” or “Public” which you can switch back and forth depending on your desire. You can also specify specific people by hitting “more.”

It’s still wise to only post things you don’t mind everyone seeing.  You never know who’s looking over someone else’s shoulder.  But, this feature is great for inside jokes or baby pictures to send to only to relatives.

How to:




This feature is relatively new from Facebook and I love it!  The “save” feature allows you to save articles for later reading.  You can’t save everything, it’s used for actual articles and events.  It’s especially useful for when I’m out and about and skimming Facebook on my phone but don’t have time to read an article.  It’s also great for saving an article that you like so you can find it again.

How to:

Go to that down-arrow in the right of the post and if the option is available hit “Save – ++++.”

To find it later, go to the menu under your name and picture and click where it says “Saved” and it will take you to the page with all your saved information.


There are your seven tips.  If you also want to learn more about sending a private message on Facebook please check out my other article, How to send a private message on Facebook.


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