Should you bother using Twitter?


Question: It seems like everyone is on Twitter.  It’s always mentioned on TV and I always see “#” something or “@” something for Twitter listed everywhere.  I’m already on Facebook and am just not sure why I should join Twitter.  What do you think?

It does often seem that every person, every business, and their dog is on Twitter. But, that’s not the case.  Let’s look at some interesting statistics:

% of online adults who use the following social media websites, by year


It always surprises me the difference in use between Facebook and everything else.  The gap doesn’t always feel that large, but there you have it in blue and lighter blue.   (You can read more about the statistics here.)

So, no, don’t get on Twitter just because “everyone is” because that’s not true.

Get on Twitter if you like fast information.  It’s really good for breaking news and sports updates.

If you’re on Facebook and don’t like seeing lengthy updates about other people’s pets and babies, Twitter may be for you.

Twitter also allows you more anonymity than Facebook.  On Facebook you have to (in theory) use your real name but on Twitter you can use a username and not post your real name to the public.

On Facebook you generally only connect with people you know. That’s not the case on Twitter. Everyone follows everyone else.

Not everyone enjoys Twitter, but the people that do are very loyal and love it.  If it sounds interesting to you, go ahead and try it out.


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