How & Why to Update Your Browser

How & Why to Updated Your Browser

Question:  I think my browser is out of date but I’m not sure how to update it or if it matters. Can you help?

Nowadays a browser is such a part of life you almost forget you’re using one. In case you’re not sure what a browser is, it’s the tool that lets you see a website. Usually these are stand-alone programs like Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Safari or Opera. You use one on your desktop, laptop and smartphone.

Updating your browser is important because as the code and technology changes on websites, browsers change to support it.  If you’re using an old version, it’s very possible you aren’t seeing websites correctly.  Updating may also increase the speed of how fast content loads.

So, how do you update your browser?

Here’s a simple shortcut. You can go to Google’s What Browser? website at and it will tell you what version you are using and prompt you to update if needed.

Check “by hand”

If you want to check which version you have on your own, you need to go to the “About” section on your browser. Depending on your browser you can find this option in your tools, help or settings drop-down menu. It will then list what version you have and let you know if it’s current.  If not, it will prompt you to update.

I hope this helps and you will now stay forever current with your browser!

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