How to save articles & videos forever on Facebook

How to Save Articles & Videos Forever on Facebook

Question: I always see interesting articles on Facebook but don’t always have the time to click and read each one.  Any idea how I can save these to read later?

Facebook has a relatively new feature which is the “Save” feature. It’s really useful, especially if you’re using Facebook on your phone and don’t have time to read everything you see, even if it looks interesting.

You now have the ability to save anything that links somewhere, so an article, video or the like. You are not able to save basic status updates and photos from your friends.


Go to the down-arrow in the top right of the post/link/update you want to save, and if the option is available hit “Save….”  This works the same on your computer or phone.

To find it later, go to the menu under your name and profile picture and click where it says “Saved,” and it will take you to the page with all your saved information.





Once there you’ll see this:


Then, just click on the links you want to read.  Once you’re done, you can hover over the upper right corner of the item and an “x” will appear.  Click it and it will move the item to “Archive.”

I love the “Archive” feature because it will save these items forever. I always read something and then want to find it later when it comes up in conversation or when I feel inspired to share more cute cat videos. (Just kidding!)

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