How to use your browser’s favorites bar

How to use your browser's favorites bar

Question: My friend had all of her favorite websites saved right at the top when she was surfing the web.  It looked so easy to just have the button right there to click.  How do I do that?

One great way to easily access sites you often visit is to use your favorites or bookmarks bar in your browser (the program you open to access websites).

The bar feature is different than the normal way you bookmark a website.  The bar allows you to always see saved sites at the top of your browser.  You don’t have to remember the website address or even type anything.  Each site is one click away.


In most browsers you just need to right-click in the top blue area next to where you see the titles for a website, and select “Favorites Bar” or “Bookmarks Toolbar” to make it appear.

If you use Chrome, go to the icon that looks like three lines stacked on each other in the top right, and find the option for “Bookmarks.”  Then select “Bookmarks Bar”.

If you use a Mac and are using Safari ,see the details here.

(Other tip: In this same area you you can get rid of unwanted bars that other programs may have installed that just take up space and are annoying.)

Favorite's bar selection

Once the bar appears, you can then add websites to this bar by dragging the little icon in front of the website address (url) into it.  Just put your cursor over the icon, hold down, and drag.


Drag to favorites


Now you’ll always have those saved for very easy access whenever you surf the web.  I love how this simplifies the steps of getting to a new website.

You can also adjust the title text for each website.  When it automatically saves, the title may be really long.  To adjust this, hover over the title text and then right-click.  It will give you an option for “Edit” or “Rename,” and from there you can change it to what you want.


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